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Our company was founded in 1928. We recently celebrated our 80th Anniversary in the music business here in Charleston and the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Our major asset is the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have trusted us with their musical needs. We are here to help make music a rewarding source of pleasure and fulfillment for you and your family or religious organization.



Your decision to purchase an acoustic piano for your family will be one of the most memorable investments you will ever make. An investment that will last a lifetime. We have a large selection of affordable pianos for the beginner and the professional. Where you purchase your piano is as important as what you purchase. It has long been our motto “Where you buy is as important as what you buy” . We employ a skilled piano delivery staff full time. Our experienced delivery staff has the correct equipment to move your new piano in a professional manner. Our sales staff is eager to assist you in finding the correct musical instrument for your musical needs. A piano with a rich and pleasant tone, the correct touch, and excellent tuning stability. And, we will help you find a piano with beautiful furniture appeal that is made to last a lifetime and is a good value for your investment. We want you as a customer to have an image of quality when you shop with our company.

– Neil Sutphin



Is piano the right choice for my child?

Many parents ask themselves this question, and often times ask us for our input on the subject. We want to share with everyone what we have found to be accurate over 80+ years of being in the piano business…

There are FIVE MAIN FACTORS ( “ingredients” ) that MAY determine (and usually do) if a child will be successful in music.

1. A child that wants to play

number1Other factors can over ride this, but generally, if the child wishes to play the they do much better than if they are forced to play. It may be up to parents or others to “plant the initial seed”.

2. Parental support

number2If a parent supports and structures practice time, and sets the stage that practicing and taking piano “brings happiness” to the family and the parent, the child usually has an easier time maintaining an interest in music. Parental support is key!

3. A good music teacher

number3This is a WIDE spectrum. It could be a church musician, or a symphony player, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, it needs to be someone that the child connects with and enjoys being around. Often times, a large part of a piano lesson is just talking about the day’s experiences, and not much to do with music.

A teacher that shows interest in the child’s well being and is emphatic to what the child is enduring will go far to invigorate the child to want to come to lessons and to practice and EXCEL in music.

A good connection with the teacher can over come all other factors! 

 4. Acceptable prior performance/behavior in school

number4Normally, not always, a child that is doing well in school will excel in music. To the contrary, a child that has a full plate with just getting out of bed, getting dressed and trying to behave in class, usually has enough on their agenda without more (music) on top of it. But there are exceptions!

When a child is exposed to music and has success in it, they can blossom and develop a connection that makes their life more whole and gives them a reason to stand tall and proud. In this case, a child may not be doing acceptable in school, and we see this more and more now-a-days. Music really can change lives, and we see it happen all the time.

5. An adequate instrument

number5Having a functioning instrument to practice and play on will keep your child interested and will not limit their musical development. A beginning piano should at least have….

    • consistent touch on all keys
    • up to pitch A440 (in tune)
    • standard key bed height
    • proper bench height (for posture)

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