Statement of Purpose:


Our company seeks to bring the joy of music to individuals, families and institutions and to be an advocate for music in the communities we serve so as to enrich lives and fulfill dreams.

We will accomplish this by the following:

Offering diversified, top-quality products at fair and competitive prices

Providing a superior level of service that ensures lasting relationships with our customers; and

Promoting appreciation and education of an art form that is vital to our nations’ heritage and to the human experience.


To Ourselves:

  • We will work as a team, minimizing the distance and boundaries that separate us and maximizing the commonality of our love of music and our pursuit to satisfy the customer.
  • We will support and respect one another, value the uniqueness of each of us, and express appreciation for others’ efforts.
  • We will create an environment that encourages clear and open communication between and at all levels, perceives failure as an opportunity to learn, and recognizes the need for personal growth.
  • We will unwaveringly uphold standards of professionalism and integrity, safeguarding the company’s character.
  • We will honor our rich company tradition and build upon it, embracing change where it will make us even better.

To Our Customers:

  • We will make you feel welcome; we will offer pleasant surroundings and a varied selection of merchandise.
  • We will treat you courteously, ensure you are well-informed, listen carefully to your needs and knowledgeably satisfy them.
  • We will act responsibly and with a sense of urgency to solve any problem, viewing it as an opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of your business.
  • We will deliver outstanding value in return for your investment.
  • We will strive to do better than we promise; we will earn and cherish your trust.

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