Our company was founded in 1928 by Otto Z. Fox and Sarah M. Fox.

Early in our history, our founders adopted principles which still guide us today. Our devotion to these principles has grown, for experience has proven our founders’ wisdom.

Among these are:

  • Honesty and Fairness
    Be truthful and serve our customers as we would want to be served.
  • Carefully Selected Products
    Offer only the best to our customers in every price-quality class.
  • Price Products Fairly
    Give our customers more quality and more service for every dollar spent with us. Our customers want and deserve value.
  • Trained, Honest, and Reliable Personnel
    Only high quality staff satisfies customers’ needs.
  • Broad Selections of Merchandise and Services
    Satisfy customers’ tastes and needs with carefully selected varieties of merchandise and services.
  • Skilled Service Personnel
    Excellent service assures after sale satisfaction and the long life of the products we sell.
  • Convenient Terms
    Small cash requirements, low monthly payments, and the lowest interest rates available.We are confident that you value these principles as we do.

A Personal Message to You:

Welcome to our store.
Even though our company is over 75 years old, the music business remains fresh and exciting to us. This spirit rarely is found in mature, experienced companies.

Our youthful spirit gives us enthusiasm, stamina, and the desire to serve; and our experience gives us resources and skills. All of these are necessary if we are going to satisfy you and make important contributions to those in the musical community.

Many of our customers have little experience in selecting and purchasing musical products and services. Therefore, we strive to be of service by determining your needs and recommending only the correct products and services to you. Time has proven our approach the right way, the professional way, to operate a music store.

Our major asset is hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have trusted us with their musical needs for over three-quarters of a century. We are now serving fourth generations of families, and we are looking forward to serving future generations.

We are here to help make music a rewarding source of pleasure and fulfillment for you and your family.

Where you buy is as important as what you buy.

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